Christmas in Yellowstone
These are some photos from Winter of 1989, when I spent Christmas in Yellowstone National Park with my parents. Many think that this is the best time to see the Park and it is definitely most beautiful at this timeof the year. The only way into the park is by dog sled, snow coach, cross-country skis, or by snowmobile. After traveling into the Old Faithful area, the only lodging is at the Snow Lodge and the only restaurant is located in the Lodge. Despite the lack of choice in restaurants, we had Christmas Dinner in Yellowstone and the food was excellent. We spent the days taking the snow coaches to various areas in the part to cross-country ski, including areas such as Lewis Falls, the Grand Canyon of theYellowstone and a variety of geyser basins. 
One day as we rested and ate lunch we had the fortune of seeing Lone Star geyser go off. It erupts normally on a very erratic schedule and there are normally several months between erruptions. We also witnessed first hand what the wildlife (especially the bison) think of the noisy smelly snowmobiles. While cross-country skiing, we watched as a bison chased a driver off his snowmobile and the bison sat and guarded the still running machine for several hours while a group of snowmobilers desparately tried to distract the bison and regain possession of the offending machine. It was like a high stakes game of "Steal the Bacon" ... hilarious ... but needless to say the bison won. We later heard that the bison finally left after about 4 hours and the snowmobilers regained their machine.
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