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A project of this magnitude requires the support (and patience) of many people.   Both were provided by Dr. Klaus Issler, Dr. Kevin Lawson and Dr. Garry DeWeese.   All three supported me as I found myself expanding this project from a simple quantitative study to a more philosophical piece complete with proposed heuristic models.   Yet, at the same time, each had the good sense to reel me back in when I strayed too far.   Thanks must also be given to Dr. Richard Leyda who served as a constant sounding board providing an ear and advice, and who somehow found a way for me to financially survive during the process.

Thanks must also be given to my parents for providing a wonderful place of retreat and repose (the Grand Tetons truly are God’s country) and for not laughing too hard when what was originally a mid-life lark became a serious endeavor.   Finally, I must thank a few friends (old and new) who were of great support: first, my prior law partner, Darrell Rosen, who—even if he did think I was totally crazy—encouraged me throughout, second, my friends Eric Engleman, Matt Prince and Evan Myers who provided sanity, spiritual support and appropriate travel breaks, and finally to my new friend Francis Burgula (and his family) who was always available with a grin, levity and a putter when it was truly required.


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