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My Obligations to My Chapter 7 Trustee...

Explains the obligations that you have to your Trustee after your Meeting of Creditors and to comply with the Trustee's directives and agreements.

What if I Forgot to List a Debt?

Explains what to do if you later discover that you have forgotten to list a debt on your bankruptcy Petition.

Dealing with Secured Creditors

General article explaining your options with regard to secured creditors (cars, houses, etc) - whether you are keeping or surrendering the collateral.

Dealing with Mortgage Companies

Warnings about how to deal with mortgage companies if you intend to keep your home and continue with your mortgage payments.

My Mortgage Company is not Reporting my Payments to the Credit Agencies. What Can I Do?

In a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 where the Plan indicates that you will be surrendering the house, any further mortgage payments you make on that loan won't be reported to the credit reporting agencies. If you try to refinance the home, you'll need to prove that you've made your payments timely. This is what you can do.

Re-establishing Credit After Bankruptcy

An article about how to go about re-establishing your credit after filing a bankruptcy case.

Selling a Home or Property While Your Case is Pending

Selling property while your case is still open may require special permission from the bankruptcy court and the trustee - This explains the issue further.

Short Sales (Should I consider?)

Article that explains the problems with doing short sales, especially when you are in a bankruptcy case.

Surrendering an Asset (Home / Car)

Information concerning what to do if you plan on surrendering real estate or a vehicle in your bankruptcy case.

Timeshares and Bankruptcy

Timeshares, Vacation Clubs and Campground Memberships pose a special problem in bankruptcy. This provides information on what to do if you own one of these.

Reaffirmation Agreements

Information sheet about reaffirmation agreements and explaining why we do not normally recommend them and will not reaffirm mortgages. Also explains why your lender or mortgage company may try to get you to do so.

What Debts are Not Discharged?

Listing of the types of debts that cannot be discharged in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.

Policy Time Periods Before Mortgage Companies Will Consider a New Request For a Mortgage

A helpful chart that describes how long various types of mortgage loans (FHA / VA / Conventional) require you to wait after filing a bankruptcy before they will consider you for a new mortgage or refinance

Renting After Filing a Bankruptcy Case

This article explains how a bankruptcy affects your ability to find a rental in the event that you need to let your residence go or after you go through a bankruptcy and/or foreclosure. It provides some appropriate tips for renting in these circumstances.

What to Do if I get a Complaint Suggesting that a Debt is Non-Dischargeable

Explains what you should do (IMMEDIATELY) if you receive a "Complaint" from the bankruptcy court where a creditor alleges that your debt to that creditor should NOT be discharged in your bankruptcy case.