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Annual Credit Report.Com

Place to get free credit reports (but only once a year). Don't go to freecreditreport .com. It's not free!

Colorado Secretary of State

Find information on corporations and LLC's that you may have formed.

Foreclosure Timeline

Explains time periods involved in the foreclosure process from commencement to sale

Dealing with HOA's in Bankruptcy

General disclosures and warnings that you should read if you own a home and have a Homeowner's Association

Replacing a Lost Social Security Card

A Social Security Card will need to be shown a the Meeting of Creditors. Here's how to get a replacement Social Security Card

IRS - Transcripts

Call or order transcripts online. Can get TaxReturn Transcripts (year), W-2 Transcripts (year), and full Account Transcripts.

IRS - Forms

Obtain forms for this year and past years if you need to file tax returns.

Mortgage Modifications in Bankruptcy

Some general information and warnings concerning mortgage modifications that are in progress or were approved prior to filing your case

Notice of Intent to Cure

Form to file with the Public Trustee at least 15 days before the sale date to discover what back payments are owed and need to be paid to stop a foreclosure or the amount that needs to be paid back in a Chapter 13 plan.

Public Trustee - Adams

Websites that allow you to search for foreclosure information on properties within that county. Find out if a foreclosure has been filed, get sale dates or discover if a sale has already taken place.

Public Trustee - Arapahoe


Public Trustee - Broomfield


Public Trustee - Denver


Public Trustee - Douglas


Public Trustee - Jefferson


Purchasing a Car Prior to Filing

Information concerning what to do and how to purchase a car prior to filing your bankruptcy case
Information concerning the possibility of have your 2nd mortgage removed (stripped) in a Chapter 13 case.

Utilities Information

What to do if you owe money to utilities (gas, electric, cable, internet, trash, water, etc)

Warning Regarding Judgment Liens

Information about judgment liens on your home and concerning the possibility of having these judgment liens removed


Website that gives you general estimates (often on the high side) regarding the value of real estate and information concerning the property.